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The Cumbria Curse

The City of Carlisle officials did not choose wisely when they decided to create an occult Millennium celebration. In the mix was a pagan god and its genius loci evil spirit, glass pyramids, an underpass to glorify the evil dead, a ley line of mischief and a cursing stone.

Warnings were given and ignored. The local media, government officials and establishment cronies in the church hierarchy, conspired to slander and libel those opposed to the occult project.

Nevertheless, the persecuted Christians were proven to be correct. The writing was on the wall when Baby Hassan Martin had his throat cut by his father while the baby was with his mother in Carlisle city centre. A deed as dire as any committed by the evil Border Reivers who the city had glorified in the underpass of the evil dead. A Foot and Mouth plague spread from Carlisle’s cattle mart and devastated the Cumbrian farming community and tourist industry. It was obvious that the prophetic warnings were to affect more than the city. In 2005 Carlisle’s worse flood blacked the city out for three nights and 1900 homes and businesses were wasted for over a year. In 2015 an even worse flood affected even more people and properties. Similar flooding devastated towns and villages across Cumbria. In West Cumbria, the gunman Derrick Bird kills 12 people and injures many more. There were many more curious calamities and unusual deaths. The book ‘Genius Loci Omen Stone’ explains the detail.

The horror continues to this day with a 25% increase in violent crimes. Violence was glorified in Carlisle’s Millennium Project and that spirit has attracted evil.

The Christian community has also paid a price for its failure to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. To date at least seven churches have closed and Europe’s biggest distributor of Christian books, STL, who backed the Carlisle Millennium Project, had to close their massive warehouse and dozens of jobs were lost. The Prayer For The City initiative lost its way and the county’s outstanding ecumenical newsletter ‘Bound Together’ that once found favour in every church, had to be abandoned due to the persecution against the editor’, because of his forthright stance against the occult Carlisle Millennium Project.

The pagan god on Carlisle’s Millennium Logo was referred to as the ‘spirit of Carlisle’.

By default at the launch of Carlisle’s Millennium Project the god became the official god of Carlisle. It must be exorcised.

The city also carved curses into a gigantic stone. The stone must be removed from public display.

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