Christian centres

In Cumbria

Abbot Hall

At Grange-over-Sands


At Wigton


At Grange-over-Sands

Castlerigg Manor

At Keswick

Hawkeshead Hill

The Upper Room

Knock Christian


Near Appleby

Keswick Convention


Guess where!

Rydal Hall

At Ambleside

Whitaugh Park

At Newcastleton

Windermere Centre

Guess where!


Gate Garage

Tel 01228 818525

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CARLISLE churches


Carlisle Churches

all of them

Carlisle’s Christian good works and charities

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Christian musicians

The Unity Album

a Carlisle creation

Christian Links

The Cumbria Curse

unbelievable, but true

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Cumbria Churches

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Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matt 18:20

Omega Music

Online Store

Business Coach

Jackie Wilson

077 824 77 364

Ian Ggibson

Associates Ltd

All types of

damp proofing

and wood




Nick Hedley

Joiner & Felt Roof Specialist

Gate Garage

Tel 01228 818525

Billy Cannon Removals

& House Clearance

Tel 01228 537028

Mobile 0775 842 847/8

Double Glazing

Premier Glass Wigton Ltd

Tel 016973 61552

Mobile 07802 680 754


Call 016973 32089


K. France

Tel 01228 521813

Computer Services

Tel 016973 320 89

Unisex Salon

Abbey Court

Tel 01228 527 647

Window Doctor

Why replace what can be fixed?

Tel 01228 513 933

Painter & Decorator

Mark Thomlinson

Tel 01228 536 536

Tools For Self Reliance

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Christian Voice are on the front line - they need support

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Wings of Eagles performing arts


Other recommended Christian sites

Andrew was brought to Carlisle in AD 1995-ish for one evening. I rediscovered him via the internet. I recommend his ministry because he has helped me.

Applying the Gospel to a political world

Care for the planet

Helping persecuted Christians

Helping persecuted Christians

Punishment, or rehabilitation? - a reformed character makes the world a better place

There is more than enough for everyone, but the rich want to get richer - however, some people are sharing what they have equitably

There is more than enough for everyone, but the rich want to get richer - however, some people are sharing what they have equitably .

Other recommended sites

The establishment wanted to eradicate them - the French secret services even bombed them - now the establishment try and steal their concern and appear to want to save the planet - trouble is you cannot trust the establishment - better to trust the true enthusiasts for green issues.

Every day God creates more energy than every person on the planet would need in a life time. Man has poured contempt on God’s gift and created Nuclear Energy that produces an evil waste that is beyond man’s wit to make safe.

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